new digits

we have, for a ridiculously small sum, availed ourselves of some local pay-as-you go mobiles.

here come the lucky numbers:

jay:   +91 88064675-three- 5


tash:  +91 88064675-three-2

(numbers have  been somewhat mangled to put off the bots…and protect the innocent)

incoming international sms messages still seem to be going astray, but most of the other stuff works….

we made it…

and a fairly tricky affair it was too.

some plane sickness on Eggie’s par (now such an established part of the travel routine that we began stockpiling any sick bags we encountered), but most of it came out with a spritz of cologne and a bit of scrubbing….


we so made it, that it’s taken me five days from starting this post to get to this point, so i’m going to fill the interval with pictures of the last few days…

Little did we know what adventures lay ahead…

Eggie and Uncle Michael, our friend from London/Edinburgh who walked past our entire clan at breakfast on the first morning.

the boys in a typically sticky moment in the restaurant of our current hotel…

few things can be as perplexing as a child’s digger….

probably ice cream on the other side of the camera

Egg discovered (yet another) innate talent.  this time it’s cricket

Dumps has decided the time is now right to give up the nappy.  this has been prompted by his cool assessment of the number we brought with us and the level of inconvenience that would result from continued incontinence….

ice cream and motorcycles.  few better reasons for moving somewhere…..