Sandy and Jamie’s Big Day Out

As we are reminded by the eternally wise creators of South Park, every good story needs a montage.

This one is about my parent’s whirlwind visit this month (these things always go too quickly), which took in many beaches, even more restaurants, quite a few kingfishers, and a lot of quality time with the grandrunts.

Have to reiterate thanks for the huge case of essentials and luxury items sent by everyone in Cannadia and dutifully carried by the folks. Life saving in some cases (see Tash’s blog re: chocolate and coffee).

freshly arrived, with optimism still intact
setting forth for untold adventures


Jake’s final days as a Beatle

Gramps gets a lesson in double ended surfing


the Ladies put the surf board to good effect


Sandy, Jamie and ‘the wife’ ….

at Mallikarjun temple


you’d never guess these two just arrived Easy Rider style…


Jimmy’s first two-wheeled excursion


ice cream-induced befuddlement befalls our intrepid crew at Old Goa


Anjuna Beach


Another happy customer


Granny teaches Eggie the ropes at the Oceanic


Egg is closer than he appears


the obligatory Johnston money shot

elbow room

I had a bicycle ruck back in london (while racing to get our indian visas, no less) that just kept on swelling. so the other day i had the rather strange experience of an arm-lancing in our local hospital…
thankfully, after some 8 oz’s of the good stuff were taken out, the prognosis looks good. Total bill? £14.

Thanks to the good Dr Farouk, for the remote diagnosis.

and by the way, if you’re feeling a little queasy, best look away now…

Dhavalikar Hospital – where you can ride yourself off into the sunset only ten minutes after a local anaesthetic!


Alien Elbow


the scene of the crime – looks clean enough?


Ok, i faked this one while waiting. pretty convincing, huh?


(have been debating whether or not to draw attention to the blood splattered table cover…?)
unsightly, ungainly and, thankfully now, unbandaged.
I consider myself a little wiser as to the hazards of corners, pavement, fixed gear bicycles and the Indian Visa office…

haircut 100

both boys got the chop this week, mostly on account of the recurring pangs parental guilt we felt at seeing their sweaty little necks.

was it an improvement? you decide.


P1060257.JPG P1060258.JPG


P1060329.JPG P1060300.JPG
….from a confidence perspective, both seem to have come over all movie star as a result…

P1060335.JPG P1060337.JPG

march at a glance

my folks have been here a week, and, after a heroic stretch in fairly basic conditions on the beach, they have moved up the road to a lovely hotel that offers air conditioning (our first in two months), wifi (hello there), and satellite television. oh, and did i mention the pool?

needless to say, we came prepared to camp. so, expect slightly more regular comms, at least for the next seven days.

in the meantime, i’ve put pictures for the whole of march (click here by the way) up in the usual place. your thoughts, comments, derision are invited, as usual.

for me, this one is emerging as an early favourite:


The Motorcycle Diaries – Part I

so, as already alleged by ‘the wife’, the motorcycle itch was getting to be pretty difficult to ignore.

whether it was the fact that a five minute ride over the hill to pick Egg up from school would be enough to ensure torrential sweat levels, or because i am already a puncture too far where the bicycle is concerned (and the bottom bracket is now showing serious signs of mortality), or perhaps it’s because the endless Enfield flybys from other locals tourists were starting to get to me (it’s a pretty distinctive sound), and certainly, the fact that we owned one back in 1994, and proceeded to ride it around the country for seven of the best months, racking up 9k miles in the process, that also played a part in the decision to finally cave in and get one…..

(especially as they threw in a free midget).

also, you might have noticed…it only has one seat..
something which didn’t impress the missus overly…..
…kicking off an odyssey that required a trip here

and then here, for a spot of welding on….
an old double seat that wanted another go at glory, under the fleshly press of our twin arses….

a spot of angle grinding (because you really can’t have too much angle grinding)….

and now i’m just waiting on a few other ‘essential’ parts (sissy bar, foot pegs, air and fuel filters, and some chromy bits) for it to be complete.
will post another installlment of the finished article. if you can’t be arsed, look away now….