Photos: by the Left. March

an eventful month, by all accounts.  the first half of March was a torrent of cycle-induced sweatiness, while the second half, spent in Panamania,  also had something of a liquid theme.

here is the evidence as it currently stands.

if i had to pick a favourite, i think it might still have to be the portrait of a self-professed Conch lunatic.



December’s Contender

‘Twas the month of December when it suddenly dawned,

That insidious notion: another year gone.

And thus to the interweb we scurried all a bumble,

To post many pics (have a bit of a mumble).

And yet, as years go, it treated us well.

Consider: only in balmiest beauty did we dwell.

We met lots of people, too many to remember,

And that was just in the month of December.

So here are the photos, in time-honoured dollop;

Proof that life is too short to be lived as polyp.